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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jun 21, 2022

“Geranylgeraniol is intrinsically and intimately connected to our bone health. This includes any areas with calcium, like your teeth or bones." -Dr. Barrie Tan

Dr. Barrie Tan is hailed as a trailblazer and the world’s foremost expert on vitamin E. A scientist first and foremost, Dr. Tan earned his Ph.D....

Jun 14, 2022

"We need to learn how to listen to our inner voice instead of setting goals made to please others around us." -Alexandra Dotcheva

Alexandra Dotcheva is the author of It Really is Simple: A Holistic Approach to Self-Confidence. She has been practicing as a registered nurse since 2011, with a strong passion for educating...

Jun 7, 2022

"It's hard to believe, but pain is a gift sending a message to become a better version of yourself." - Jane Hogan

Jane Hogan, "The Wellness Engineer," blends science and spirituality to help people release chronic pain using the mind, body and breath so they can become empowered creators of their own health. Her...

May 31, 2022

"Herbs are extremely effective against Lyme disease—you get the clinical benefit without all the negative side effects than can come with antibiotics." -Dr. Darin Ingels

Dr. Darin Ingels is a licensed naturopathic physician, author, international speaker and leading authority on Lyme disease. He is a former Lyme...

May 24, 2022

"We're seeing more people with mental and brain health related issues than ever in recorded medical history, we want to provide answers and solutions!" -Dr. Elena Villanueva

Dr. Elena Villanueva is the producer and co-host of the 5 Part Series Mental Health Masterclass, the Leaky Brain Summit, and the 5 Part Series...