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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Oct 5, 2021

Dani Williamson MSN, FNP owns Integrative Family Medicine in Franklin, TN; focusing on gut, autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is her passion), hormone and adrenal health with her patients. Her approach embodies a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process to healing. Dani is on the board of Middle Tennessee chapter of the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and believes strongly in addressing issues of adverse childhood trauma and its relation to overall long-term health conditions. Her book, Wild & Well Dani’s Six Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing, is being released November 9, 2021 and is currently an e-book on Amazon. In today’s interview we discuss the impact Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) have on our health and what steps we can take to overcome them. Dani is an engaging speaker with a lot of important insights.







[01:39] Dani’s painful early childhood experiences & how they shaped her future
[10:00] What is an ACE score?
[16:14] The first steps to healing
[20:14] A great and easy tip for bone health
[21:06] “7 Sinister Foods”