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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Dec 28, 2021

“Small combinations of habits over time make large change and fuels success”

  • Mads Friis 

Mads Friis is the author of Winning Habits and Routines and host of the Growth Island podcast. Mads created The Growth Island Toolbox - a collection of tools and practices to help people live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.

Playing sports at a high-level and discovering many studies on personal growth and performance led Mads into a continuous research journey. He found that many resources focus 80% on the problems and only 20% on the solutions. Now he is on a mission to flip this statistic around to help more people. In this episode, Mads tells us some secrets to building great sustainable habits and breaking bad ones. He also shares the habits of top performers. You don’t want to miss these simple life-changing tips.



[04:46] When 1% improvement each day becomes 3778% improvement in a year

[10:10] Avoiding stress when adding new habits

[18:27] Looking at “bad habits” in a new light

[23:02] Prioritizing enjoyment

[27:21] Attaining focus in a chaotic world