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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jan 12, 2022

“So much of our health stems from our mood and our happiness, the body follows the mind.”

-Susan Brady, MPT


Susan Brady is a Physical Therapist, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, and Nutrition Consultant. She brings a rich diversity of experience and knowledge to the healthcare profession. Susan is passionate about nutrition, believing it to be the true foundation for optimal health and healing.  Susan developed a holistic treatment approach to address bone loss and osteoporosis. Her BONES Method™ is a truly integrative, holistic approach combining her experience in physical therapy, nutrition and integrative medicine.

Susan has a private practice in the Reston, Virginia area. Susan also consults and works with patients remotely through Telehealth. In today’s talk we discussed the gut-bone connection and why digestion is so important, how to tell if your digestive issues, and what can be done from an integrative whole body approach.


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[05:54] The BONES Method™ as an osteoporosis assessment tool

[09:14] What happens to the bones when your gut isn’t working- and why antacid medicines aren’t your friends

[16:17] Why a stool test may be your next line of osteoporosis testing

[28:50] The most common comorbidities with osteoporosis

[32:14] What to do to wean off of gut irritants

[42:12] The gut-bone connection free webinar!

Happy Bones, Happy Life is a bone health and osteoporosis podcast hosted by Margie Bissinger, a Physical Therapist and Integrative Health Coach. For nearly twenty years she has devoted herself to helping women with osteoporosis. Margie would love to help you discover your path to the best, healthiest version of yourself.


During this podcast series, Margie will share many natural approaches to optimizing and strengthening your bones while at the same time increasing your happiness and reducing your stress. Expect to learn from leading experts on what you can do to make sure you have healthy bones throughout your life.


From exercise to nutrition, mental health to happiness, toxins to stress reduction, we bring you on an incredible journey to live your best life!

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