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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Feb 2, 2022

“If what we want to create in our life is vague, and we dont have a plan for our brain to hook into, then we probably won’t reach those goals.”

-Kerry Tepedino, Founder of One Thought Away Project


Kerry Tepedino is the Founder of the One Thought Away Project and Community, global leader in women’s personal development focusing on mindset mastery, emotional intelligence, and self-love. She supports women in challenging their self-defeating behaviors and overcoming past traumas and fears to create a life of true happiness rooted in self-love. Her Perfect Health Mastery, Awaken and Discover Your Sacred Self programs have supported thousands of women to up level their lives in all areas, including physical, mental and emotional health, relationships, professional careers, finances and more. Kerry believes that with proper mentorship, community and strategies anything is possible. In today’s episode, we discuss how you can leverage your mindset to achieve the life you desire. 





[02:26] Kerry’s frightening wakeup call

[08:22] The Sacred Self System

[11:27] The One Thought Away Project

[17:39] When camaraderie comes in handy + a quick exercise

[24:07] 7 Days to re-wire your thinking

[29:15] Your weekly takeaway: start doing this today for a better mindset

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