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Happy Bones, Happy Life

May 24, 2022

"We're seeing more people with mental and brain health related issues than ever in recorded medical history, we want to provide answers and solutions!" -Dr. Elena Villanueva

Dr. Elena Villanueva is the producer and co-host of the 5 Part Series Mental Health Masterclass, the Leaky Brain Summit, and the 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass. Dr Villanueva is an internationally recognized crusader for ending the global chronic illness & mental health crisis by educating both the public and health professionals that mental health & other chronic illnesses are actually a body or brain health issue and not a disease. She has been featured on multiple occasions on FOX news, MSN, Healthline, Houston Chronicle, Anxiety and Depression Secrets Docu-Series, and several others.

Dr. Villanueva speaks on stages around the globe teaching evidence based approaches for finding the underlying causes of chronic illness and brain related diseases and conditions and how to use holistic approaches like genetic based nutritional and amino acid therapy, botanicals, mind/body/spirit integration, and other options to restore brain-related disorders and other chronic diseases. In this episode, she tells us why and how we can keep our brain and mind sharp as we age. You don’t want to miss this empowering interview.



[03:09] Elena's wake-up call with her deteriorating health

[10:37] What are brain chemistry imbalances? Testing, symptoms, etc.

[23:08] "Leaky brain" explained (Hint: it's tied closely to leaky gut)

[29:44] Dr. V's 5-Day Masterclass- LINK ABOVE!!

[34:16] Using case studies from real patients in her practice


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