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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jul 12, 2022

Beverly Yates, ND is a licensed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, who used her background in MIT Electrical Engineering and work as a Systems Engineer to create the Yates Protocol, an effective program for people who have diabetes to live the life they love. Dr. Yates is on a mission to help 3 million people heal from type II diabetes and prediabetes.

In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of blood sugar control when it comes to our bones and overall health. Dr. Yates gives us some tools we can use right away to help regulate our blood sugar and significantly improve our health. This is a very important topic that is often overlooked!



[03:12] Dr. Beverly’s unconventional start in naturopathic medicine

[10:40] Distinguishing the types of diabetes

[18:25] The blood sugar-bone health connection

[20:52] The secret lifestyle factor affecting your blood sugar