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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Mar 7, 2023

Dr. Darin Ingels is a licensed naturopathic doctor, author, international speaker, and leading authority on nutritional medicine. He is the co-host of the upcoming Allergies and Asthma summit.

He is a former Lyme patient who overcame his own 3-year battle with Lyme disease, after having failed conventional treatment and becoming progressively debilitated. Dr. Ingels found that a proper diet, lifestyle management, and natural therapies worked with his body to heal it. He then applied what he learned about diet and lifestyle management to his own patients and found they recovered faster and with less side effects. Dr. Ingels has now treated thousands of patients with chronic illness using his novel approach, many who have gone on to live healthy, symptom-free lives.

Dr. Ingels has been featured on WebMD, MindBodyGreen, BeWell, ThriveGlobal, and many other platforms. He is the author of The Lyme Solution: A 5-Part Plan to Fight the Inflammatory Autoimmune Response and Beat Lyme Disease.

In this episode, we explore how allergy and asthma medication impacts our bones and Dr. Darin discusses his natural approach to treatment of these conditions.




[02:41] Why It’s an Issue with Osteoporosis

[07:45] Medications and Bone Development

[14:06] Things You Can Do About Allergies and Asthma

[20:03] How Long It Could Take to See Results

[28:45] What Dr. Ingels Does for Asthma in His Practice

[30:30] This Is What You Can Expect from His Summit

[33:50] Dr. Ingles’ Last Minute Tips


DISCLAIMER – The information presented on this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with your physician or healthcare provider. The ideas shared on this podcast are the expressed opinions of the guests and do not always reflect those of Margie Bissinger and Happy Bones, Happy Life Podcast.