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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Mar 21, 2023

Natasha Williams is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Hipwear. Since early 2007, she has had a vision for creating high-performing hip protection to help prevent fall-related hip fractures. Starting with her first hip protector in 2008 with an initial focus on the New Zealand market, Natasha began exploring the opportunity to expand to the US and other international markets.

Partnering with Windpact, a US-based leader in sports and military protection, Natasha launched Phoenix Hipwear in 2021.

In this episode, we discuss the benefits of hip protectors, how they work, and who can most benefit from them. Listen and learn how these hip protectors could help prevent a devastating fracture.





[02:24] Hip Protectors and Natasha’s Backstory

[07:58] The Technology Behind It and How It Prevents Hip Fractures

[14:47] Her Experience with the Hip Protectors

[18:03] The Impact and Difference They Make After a Fall

[25:12] The Statistics of Hip Fractures

[30:44] This is The Reasonable Cost of Phoenix Hipwear Protectors


DISCLAIMER – The information presented on this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with your physician or healthcare provider. The ideas shared on this podcast are the expressed opinions of the guests and do not always reflect those of Margie Bissinger and Happy Bones, Happy Life Podcast.