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Happy Bones, Happy Life

May 30, 2023

Dr. R. Keith McCormick is a chiropractic physician specializing in the management of patients with osteoporosis. He is the author of the recently released book – Great Bones: Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis and The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis. 

Sports have always played a vital part in Dr. McCormick’s life. He is the former U.S. record holder for the most points scored in a pentathlon competition. Dr. McCormick continues to compete in triathlons of all distances and has completed six Ironman competitions, five of them after recovering from multiple osteoporosis-related fractures.

In this episode, Dr. McCormick discusses the role of bone turnover markers in the management of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, these tests are underutilized and they can give us so much important information. You don’t want to miss this enlightening interview.


Great Bones: Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis

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Dr. McCormick's Website

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[02:43] Bone Markers

[09:35] How Soon To Do a Repeat Test

[18:15] What Units Will You See When Looking at CTX

[26:05] People with Different Root Causes

[42:50] Want to Take a Deeper Dive? Here’s What’s Available



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