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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Sep 8, 2020

“The key is to learn how to protect yourself from often harmful man-made frequencies, and the other hand harness the rather beautiful energies of nature.”

-Lloyd Burrell

One day in 2002 my guest today, Lloyd Burrell, found himself facing an uncommon and inexplicable set of health challenges. He went to multiple medical professionals who couldn’t help him. He invested thousands of dollars and years of time on solutions that didn’t work. It took him nearly 10 years to recover his health, and through that experience, year after year, he developed a growing passion for energetic healing through vibration. Lloyd is the author of EMF Practical Guide: The Simple Science of Protecting Yourself, Healing Chronic Inflammation, and Living a Naturally Healthy Life in our Toxic Electromagnetic World and has a fabulous website In today’s episode, Lloyd shares the remarkable discoveries he has made on this journey. This talk is a preview – one of the exciting talks that is part of my happiness challenge that is taking place on September 21st. There was so much great information – I had to also share it with my podcast audience, so stay tuned!




[00:55] Introduction to Lloyd Burrell

[02:30] How Lloyd became an EMF expert

[05:28] Lloyds turning points and realizations about EMFs

[08:45] Many recommendations to protect yourself from EMFs

[17:44] Grounding yourself

[18:20] How to evaluate your home for EMF safety

[20:03] Sunlight in your daily wellness regiment

[29:37] Water in your wellness regiment

[38:38] Diet and wellness

[47:49] Energetic Healing Through Vibration


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