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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jun 22, 2021

“Hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. I am not controlling a person, they are gaining access to the part of their mind that creates automatic behaviors.”

-Dianna Whitley, hypnotherapist


Dianna Whitley is a hypnotherapist, coach, and bestselling author of five books, including (Staying Young at Any Age: 15 Simple Steps to Turn Back the Clock). She discovered hypnosis over 25 years ago when she was unable to sleep or function after a tragic family loss. Through hypnosis she was able to sleep on her own and work again after the first session. She was so amazed at how powerful it was, she decided to get certified and make it her life's work.

She had 3 very successful hypnosis centers in Beverly Hills, Santa Rosa, and Huntington Beach, CA, called Positive Changes Hypnosis, where she helped over 7000 people. During the recession in 2009 she decided to go back into private practice, and has been doing that online since long before the push to work remotely.


In today’s talk we discussed how hypnosis works, the misconceptions behind "mind control", and what conditions hypnosis can help . At the end of the podcast Dianna takes us through a short relaxation and stress reduction session that will have you feeling blissful and re-energized.


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[03:02] Why hypnosis and who can benefit from it?

[09:15] The mechanisms behind hypnotherapy

[18:15] The misconceptions behind hypnosis

[24:37] What does a hypnosis session include?

[30:00] Dianna’s hypnosis session- just for you!