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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Aug 3, 2021

With any decision, ask yourself ‘does it feel heavy or does it feel light’- any time you go light, you always go right.”


Heather Aardema is the founder of School of Living Lighter. She is a health and wellness coach, expert in behavior change, declutterer, and aspiring minimalist. Heather guides her clients toward their own weight loss breakthroughs by helping them clear the clutter—in their minds, bodies, and homes—so that they can get busy living lives they love, too.


In today’s talk, Heather gives us some great tips for removing both mental and physical clutter for improved health. You don’t want to miss this valuable information, and reap the benefits of less!



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[02:19] How to define "clutter"- outside of the physical clutter

[08:15] Conquering FOMO, and replacing it with minimalism

[12:12] Where to start to declutter- and replace your FOMO for JOMO (JOY of Missing Out)

[18:14] Ask yourself this ONE question

[23:16] Addressing mental and emotional weight, so physical weight can come off

[23:15] Learning more, with an accountability buddy