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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Apr 20, 2021

Claudia Muehlenweg, founder of Holistic Vision, LLC. and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method, always hated her glasses and has made it her mission to help others see clearly naturally… just like she has done. 

Claudia is a sought after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts or surgery that can actually make their eyesight worse in the long term. In today’s interview, Claudia teaches us fabulous tips we can put to use right away to help improve our eyesight. Don’t miss this powerful interview!





[02:36] How Claudia overcame her vision problems

[04:36] How does stress affect vision?

[09:02] Movement for improved eyesight

[15:20] Our vision exercise!

[19:52] LED lights and vision

[31:21] Gradual change in prescription