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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Oct 24, 2023

Coherence is a state where the symphony of your body's systems, particularly the heart and the brain, are working in harmony. 


But how do we get there? How do we cultivate coherence? Where do we start? 


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Today's special guest, Dr. Christine Schaffner, will help us dive deep into this topic. 


Dr. Christine Schaffner is a board-certified Naturopathic physician. With her expertise, she has guided countless individuals on their journeys to recovery from chronic and complex illnesses. Through her online consultations, enlightening podcasts, and innovative online programs, she's changing lives.


In today's episode, Dr. Schaffner will unravel the mysteries behind coherence, explaining how this state of balance can transform your well-being and overall health. 


This conversation is not just an interview but an eye-opening journey into the limitless possibilities of your health and well-being. You'll grasp the concept of coherence and learn practical methods to achieve this state in your own life.


So, open your mind and heart and prepare to be inspired. As we embark on this enlightening discussion, you'll discover a world where coherence is not just a term but a transformative power.


“We are, you know, these mini-fields within a larger field, and the more that we can tend to our own field of information and energy, through principles of coherence, [...] we can access something bigger and access something greater than ourselves, and we can also connect with each other. ” - Dr. Christine Schaffner


In this episode

[00:00] - Welcome to another episode of Happy Bones, Happy Life

[02:05] - Dr. Christine Schaffner’s backstory

[13:09] - Tools for changing how you feel

[17:20] - The role of the heart in developing coherence 

[24:38] - What is coherence? 

[28:22] - Easy practices for tending to your heart hygiene 

[32:27] - The Art & Science of Cultivating Coherence Summit 2023

[34:39] - Positive changes seen in patients 

[38:16] - The connection between bone health and coherence

[41:40] - How can you work with Dr. Christine Schaffner? 


Resources mentioned

The Art & Science of Cultivating Coherence Summit 2023 


Connect with Dr. Christine Schaffner 





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