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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Nov 5, 2019

Michelle Riddle is an Occupational Therapist, Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Community Adviser with the University of Alberta.  She is an internationally acclaimed speaker, a budding filmmaker, and author of 'SENSEable Living for Resilient Bone Health'. Michelle lives, works, and plays on the pristine traditional lands of the Tla'amin Nation on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada.

During this episode, Michelle shows us that diet and exercise are not the only important factors necessary for healthy, strong bones. You will learn some important habits that help heal your body, increase mineral absorption, and improve your bone health. Discover some simple and practical tips for achieving the ultimate balance in your life, today.



  • 02:36 - What does her program called SENSEable mean?
  • 04:07 - "What we have in our genes and what we do to those genes, we have the opportunity to turn on or turn off our risk factors." - Michelle Riddle
  • 06:21 - Recognizing stress and how it affects bone health
  • 08:36 - What is this concept called 'Allostatic Load'?
  • 12:21 - Ways to manage stress
  • 13:48 - "For bone health, we need to hydrate, not just for the cells of the bones, but also to keep calcium in our body." - Michelle Riddle
  • 19:00 - The important components of environment for happiness and bone health
  • 25:32 - The value of reframing your mind
  • 26:53 - "Habits are for health, habits can heal." - Michelle Riddle
  • 27:50 - Why deep breathing is important
  • 31:21  - Recommended time to do breathing exercises
  • 32:40 - What is the Goldilocks Principle?
  • 35:34 - The importance of sleep and excellent tips for getting more sleep

DISCLAIMER – The information presented on this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with your physician or healthcare provider. The ideas shared on this podcast are the expressed opinions of the guests and do not always reflect those of Margie Bissinger and the Happy Bones, Happy Life program.