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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jul 28, 2020

“Magnesium jump-starts so many processes in your body” -Kristen Bowen

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Kristen Bowen is the founder and owner of Living The Good Life Naturally. It took a complete health crash to lead Kristen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002 Through research and looking for outside the box solutions, she discovered that to regain her health she needed to build a strong foundation. That foundation included food as medicine and the number one building block for optimal health: Magnesium.

She discovered that oral magnesium was not effective for her and began using liquid magnesium as a foot soak, finding that the body could utilize it more effectively. One thing led to another and she created Living the Good Life Naturally. Kristen hosted a Rocky Mountain Regional radio show for seven years where she answered questions on natural health and has been the keynote speaker at natural health conferences. In this episode, you will discover the benefits of transdermal magnesium for our bones and overall health.

Kristen shares with us the science behind the absorption of magnesium in our body why magnesium soaks are so helpful and exactly how to do the soaks. There is so much to
learn in this episode, so stay tuned.




[01:51] Kristen’s story

[07:20] How magnesium helps

[11:18] Why does magnesium saturation matter?

[18:30] Most effective testing for a magnesium deficiency

[22:30] Tell-tale signs of magnesium deficiencies

[25:14] Soaking in epsom salt- are there better options?

[29:39] A very special gift for listeners

[35:20] Guidelines for a successful soak


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