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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Mar 16, 2021

“It’s better to be happy than right.”

-Dr. Marcus Chacos


Dr. Marcus Chacos is a chiropractor with twenty-four years clinical experience specialising in chiropractic neuroscience, family wellness care and arthritic conditions. He is the bestselling author of The Arthritis Solution as well as two other books. Dr. Chacos has presented on chiropractic philosophy at events like The Philosophy Symposium and The Remarkable Practice Immersion events. He is passionate about chiropractic philosophy and guarding Our Sacred Trust. The author of The 40 Tests of The Philosophical Chiropractor, Dr. Chacos serves the mission of chiropractic with passion, and speaks internationally and has appeared on health and wellness summits. He has hosted the Pain2Brain and Family Wellness Superconference. 


In today’s talk Dr. Marcus shares three extremely powerful happiness habits that have changed his life and the lives of his patients and I know these tools can enhance yours so stay tuned.





[01:59] Introduction to Dr. Marcus

[05:23] One life-changing fight for the better

[09:12] When “I’ll be happy when…” comes back to hurt you

[15:14] Habituating happiness through discipline

[23:02} Diverting more time towards this sector of your life

[28:45] How to keep a gratitude journal, and make it the most valuable book in your collection 

[39:18] How Dr. Marcus sees happiness daily in his practice


DISCLAIMER – The information presented on this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with your physician or healthcare provider. The ideas shared on this podcast are the expressed opinions of the guests and do not always reflect those of Margie Bissinger and the Happy Bones, Happy Life program.