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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Sep 26, 2019

Matt Gersper graduated from the University of California – Davis where he studied Economics, ran track, and played football. Over the next 30 years, he focused on training himself to become a successful businessman. And today he is shifting focus from helping businesses to helping people. On January 16, 2014, he decided to sell his previous company and dedicate his time and resources to researching and sharing best practices for happy living.

During this episode, Matt will share with us the transformational philosophies of happy living getting us to take action as we take inspiration. He made it on the point that overdoing exercise as much as bad eating  is just as bad for the body. There has to be a need to incorporate exercise that is lifestyle appropriate.


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              Audible version - The Belief Roadmap



  • 03:40 - What is Happy Living, how did this come about
  • 11:38 - "If I want to be a giver, I have to have more. So I have to build capacity, excess capacity in my life." - Matt Gersper
  • 11:44 - What are the four fitnesses and how does it matter
  • 13:30 - What is Significance and why should we aspire  for it
  • 18:00 - What is Kaizen philosophy
  • 22:58 - "You have to just relax about things, try to do your best to relax about it because being upset, being worried, emotional stuff causes just the same badness inside our bodies and eating toxins, that's all toxic." - Matt Gersper
  • 24:51 -  His principles of exercise that truly help
  • 29:52 - Just get started
  • 31:58 - Transformational process to overcome the so-called gravity in our lives
  • 36:27 - "Pay attention to what inspires you. Ask yourself, get reflective." - Matt Gersper
  • 38:11 - How you can get in touch with Matt
  • 40:03 - What made him decide to build a retreat house, and the beautiful ideas that go with having it

DISCLAIMER – The information presented on this podcast should not be construed as medical advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with your physician or healthcare provider. The ideas shared on this podcast are the expressed opinions of the guests and do not always reflect those of Margie Bissinger and the Happy Bones, Happy Life program.