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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Apr 23, 2024

Just because you have Osteoporosis doesn’t mean you can no longer lead an active lifestyle or you have to stay indoors to minimize the risk of falls and fractures. 


Certain kinds of high-intensity loading can be safe and effective even for people with low bone mass if supervised under the right conditions. And that's what Dr. Belinda Beck and I are discussing today.


Dr. Belinda Beck, a powerhouse in the field of bone health, holds a BMHS(Ed), MS, PhD, and FACSM and is a professor in the School of Health Sciences & Social Work at Griffith University. 


She developed Onero™, an evidence-based exercise program based on the LIFTMOR study conducted at Griffith University. With over 20 years of teaching musculoskeletal anatomy and conducting bone research, her expertise has garnered national and international recognition. 


Dr. Beck serves on the Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee of Healthy Bones Australia (formerly Osteoporosis Australia) and the Healthy Bones Australia National Consumer Advisory Committee. 


Discover how Onero™ can improve your quality of life in today's informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast!

“A number on the DEXA scan doesn't even matter to me as long as the quality of life is improving. That's what I care about as a human, not as a researcher. As a postmenopausal person, I'm at risk like everybody else. So I care what my quality of life is like.” - Dr. Belinda Beck



In this episode:

- [04:17] - What is Onero™?

- [08:33] - Delivering Onero™ to people who need it

- [14:47] - Reduction in fractures and falls with the use of Onero™

- [20:52] - Transforming couch potatoes into strong and active women

- [23:28] - Who can or can't do Onero™?

- [28:36] - Learn what makes the program safe and how you can become an accredited Onero™ coach

- [33:14] - How to find a certified Onero™ coach in your area

- [36:09] - Onero™ training program for providers


Resources mentioned

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- Become an Onero™ Academy Accredited Practitioner -

- Discounted supplements through Fullscript -

- Website for Dr. Claudia Tamas' Onero™ program in NJ -


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