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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Aug 18, 2021

"Each and every one of you is powerful. You have the power to heal yourself, to feel better, and forgive, even if you think you don't." -Christi Clemons Hoffman


Christi Clemons Hoffman is an internationally-known medium and owner of Radiate Wellness. Christi helps clients get to the source of physical and emotional discomfort through a unique blend of readings, medical intuition, mediumship, Reiki, and QHHT healing hypnosis. She works with clients in person in Kansas City, Missouri, and online. She teaches others ways to connect with Spirit and embrace their innate spiritual gifts. In this episode, Christi talks about how physical symptoms and illness often first begin as emotional issues and what different symptoms can mean. She discusses how holding on to another's energy can zap your power and drain your feelings of support, which is the energetic role of the bones.

At the end, Christi takes us through a fabulous process to get rid of unwanted energy we may be carrying around interfering with our health. Get ready to feel relaxed and lighter after this powerful exercise.





[02:28] Christi's development with her gift

[12:35] Is there a correlation in physical and spiritual health?

[23:08] Connecting medical intuition with bone health

[31:00] Guided energy visualization for listeners

[42:13] Embracing the power within all of us