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Happy Bones, Happy Life

May 22, 2024

Did you know that stress and sleep quality affect your bone health? Is there something you can do to determine your risk for Osteoporosis? 


Doctors usually diagnose Osteoporosis during routine screening for the disease or when the patient has had a fall or fractures. However, you don't have to wait for those things to happen before you take control of your health. You can work with your primary physician to order lab tests to determine your bone health condition or order the tests yourself. 


Today, Dr. Kim Millman and I continue discussing the best lab tests for Osteoporosis, this time focusing on hormone testing. This episode is the second part of the Essential Bone Tests Masterclass. If you haven't listened to the first part of the discussion, make sure you catch it. 


Dr. Millman is an integrated medical doctor and the founder of The Millman Clinic. She is an expert in Functional Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing, two holistic techniques she integrates into her medical practice. 


Dr. Millman believes that being sick and tired is not a normal part of aging. She helps her patients realize that there is hope and that their conditions can be improved. She works with them to identify the root cause of their chronic ailment and designs a personalized wellness program that supports their body's ability to heal. 


Thank you for listening to another informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast!


“If people are not sleeping, they're definitely not healing their bones, and if their cortisol is high when they're supposed to be healing, then they're breaking down their bones at this dramatic pace.” - Dr. Kim Millman


In this episode:

- [03:28] - How do someone's stress level and cortisol levels affect bone health?

- [07:11] - Why do you need to undergo hormone testing?

- [07:41] - Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): benefits and contraindications

- [12:21] - Hormone testing options

- [23:24] - Stress and cortisol testing

- [26:45] - Cortisol testing options

- [28:27] - How do you know if your body responds well to stress?

- [30:12] - Who orders the tests?

- [32:41] - How to use Dr. Millman's interactive testing tool

- [37:01] - What can you get from Dr. Millman's Restore & Rebuild Program?

- [42:23] - How to get access to Dr. Millman's lab testing guide


Resources mentioned

- Wait list for Dr. Millman's next course Use coupon code FallMargie for a significant discount

- Interactive Lab Testing Tool Kit (free) - 

- Essential Lab Testing for Bone Health Guide ($27) -  

- Exercise and Osteoporosis Handout - 

- Discounted supplements through Fullscript -

- Myers Detox Podcast - 


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