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Happy Bones, Happy Life

May 27, 2020

“Osteoporosis has always said to be an old woman’s condition. It’s far from that. It affects men, women, and children. No one is immune.” - Sara Meeks

Sara Meeks has specialized in the physical therapy management of osteoporosis and spinal pathology since 1984. APTA Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist and...

May 20, 2020

“There is nothing that beats a goodnight sleep for managing your health.” - Dr. Mary Clifton


Dr. Mary Clifton is a board-certified MD, practicing in Manhattan. She is a recognized expert in CBD and Cannabis and the host of the CBD Health Revolution and the highly respected professional certification course, “The...

May 12, 2020

Your mind isn’t just located between your ears.” - Brian Trzaskos


Brian Trzaskos PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C SBMC is a bioenergetics expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is nationally recognized for his work in coaching, training, and mentoring health care and human development...

May 5, 2020

“Stress reduces our immune system, and right now that is the last thing we want to do.” - Margie Bissinger


As a physical therapist, integrative health coach, and happiness trainer, Margie helps people reduce their stress and anxiety on a regular basis to promote optimal bone and overall health. In this episode,...