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Happy Bones, Happy Life

May 7, 2024

Gardening is an excellent physical activity that people of all ages can enjoy. It isn't just a pastime; it's a sanctuary of growth and vitality. But those with Osteoporosis may worry that pain and the fear of fractures will mean giving up their gardens. 


If you feel severe pain while gardening, stop and consult your doctor. However, Osteoporosis should not prevent you from enjoying some form of gardening.


A significant benefit of gardening is that it's like having a workout in a pleasant and healthy environment. As you cultivate your garden, your body engages in weight-bearing and resistance activities that contribute to better health as long as you move safely. 


Having Osteoporosis does not mean giving up the things you love doing. Enjoy your garden and smell the flowers! 


In this episode, I demonstrate seven things you must avoid when gardening with Osteoporosis and what you should do instead. 


Thank you for listening to another informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast!


“Be aware of your posture when you're in the garden and enjoy the garden. It's so wonderful—you're getting Vitamin D, you're out in the sun, it's relaxing, you're connected to nature, and you're planting. What could be better? And when you avoid these positions and use posture and body mechanics, you can do this safely. So it's a win-win situation.” - Margie Bissinger


In this episode:

- [00:45] - What's the problem with gardening with a rounded back?

- [05:05] - What must you do instead of bending from the waist?

- [06:23] - Why should you avoid bending and twisting?

- [10:18] - How to prevent injury when working while standing

- [12:31] - Why being in one place for an extended period is not ideal

- [13:47] - Stop doing everything yourself without tools

- [15:07] - Why going into the garden first thing in the morning is not suitable for people with Osteoporosis

- [16:24] - Slide presentation of the things to avoid when gardening

- [20:24] - Here's a demonstration of the things I discussed


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