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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jun 2, 2020

“Fatigue is tiredness that is not relieved with rest.” - Dr. Evan Hirsch 

Dr. Evan Hirsch is the #1 best selling author of Fix Your Fatigue: The 4 step process to resolving fatigue, achieving abundant energy and reclaiming your life! He is also one of the world’s leading experts on finding the root causes of fatigue and resolving them naturally. He has helped thousands of people optimize their energy naturally and is on a mission to help 1 million more through his online programs and the training of health care providers. He works mainly with exhausted, health-conscious, everyday people who can’t reach their potential because of fatigue and low energy. He has lectured nationally and internationally on topics in integrative and functional medicine and is board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine. In this interview, Dr. Evan discusses the many causes of fatigue and his four-step process to treating them. 



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  • 5:32 - How to identify that you have an issue with fatigue 
  • 6:53 - Different causes of fatigue 
  • 7:24 - “Deficiencies are things that are not in the body that are supposed to be in the body, and toxicities are things that are in the body that shouldn’t be in the body.” - Dr. Evan Hirsch
  • 9:27 - The four-step process to deal with fatigue 
  • 12:13 - “If you lean too hard on your labs, you will fall over because labs are imperfect. That’s why so much of my program is focused on symptoms.” - Dr. Evan Hirsch
  • 13:10 - What to do when your labs come out normal, but you are still experiencing symptoms 
  • 17:53 - Common toxicities that cause fatigue 
  • 25:12 - Why you should get tested for mold exposure even if you don’t currently live in a home with mold 
  • 29:55 - Infections that could be the cause of fatigue 
  • 35:37 - How your vitamin K and vitamin D levels can be linked to issues with fatigue and bone health 
  • 42:04 - The Fix Your Fatigue Program and how you can join to address the causes of your fatigue 

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