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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jun 29, 2021

Today, we celebrate the 100th episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast by highlighting some of the best moments of this journey! When I first began, my mission was to bring forward helpful information about bone health and osteoporosis, bringing in countless guests and learning their stories. Tune in to hear advice from experts and doctors that we have heard over the episodes.



[07:05] The importance of protein (Jayson/Mira Calton)

[14:36] Female athlete bone health (Dr. Jessica Drummond)

[18:41] Yoga’s impact on bone strength (Dr. Sherri Betz)

[24:40] How to Make Tea Infusions (Bonnie Rogers)

[30:27] Inflammation, Estrogen & Testing (Dr. Felice Gersh)

[35:58] The effects of glyphosate (Dr. Stephanie Seneff)

[42:27] Transdermal magnesium & the benefits (Kristen Bowen)

[49:09] Using “perched posture” for alignment (Sara Meeks)

[52:43] How to measure cortisol (Dr. Tabatha Barber)

[56:03] The power of hope (Dr. Mark Pochapin)

[1:00:13] The importance of your health (Dr. Craig Bissinger)



Episode 3: Jayson/Mira Calton 


Episode 5: Dr. Jessica Drummond 


Episode 52: Kristen Bowen


Episode 22: Bonnie Rogers


Episode 44: Sara Meeks


Episode 29, Episode 91: Dr. Felice Gersh


Episode 50: Dr. Tabatha Barber


Episode 18: Dr. Sherri Betz