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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Apr 9, 2024

Do you lead an active lifestyle and engage in high-risk activities? Are you caring for someone at high risk for falls and fractures and needing protection from fall-related hip fractures? 


With falls becoming more likely and the risk of injury increasing, it would be wise for people, especially the elderly and frequent fallers, to use hip protectors. These devices are worn over the hips in underwear designed to hold them to lessen the risk of breaking a hip should the wearer fall. But is a hip protector really effective? Why are only a few people using it?


Today, Natasha Williams returns to introduce her latest version of the hip protector, which is used to prevent hip fractures. She shares some statistics and compares the original version of the product with the new version, which uses the latest technology in impact protection.


Natasha is the Founder and CEO of Phoenix Hipware. In 2011, Natasha launched a new hip protector, working with a US sports company to develop a soft and flexible shield. In those early years, hip protection was a reasonably new concept. This new product soon became the market leader in New Zealand and quickly became the preferred hip protector offering for a number of leading senior care communities across the US.


With a consistent focus on product improvement and feedback from customers in New Zealand, the US, and other international markets, it became clear that it was time to review the current hip protector and find ways to create something even better.


Partnering with ImpctLAB, a New York-based team on a mission to create the best impact protection products, has enabled Natasha to develop the best hip protector yet.


If you want to provide your loved ones and yourself protection from falls and fractures, listen to this fantastic episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast!

“Falls and fractures are not an inevitable part of growing old. They are preventable. Both the fall and the injury can be prevented, and you can live a strong, vibrant life without the devastating effects. You don't have to be one of the statistics.” - Natasha Williams


In this episode:

- [02:34] - Effects of fractures in women with Osteoporosis and other risk factors

- [06:58] - Natasha's innovative hip fracture prevention product

- [15:11] - Why aren't many people using hip protectors?

- [27:07] - How can you provide feedback about Natasha's product?

- [31:34] - The original hip protector vs. the new hip protector: Which is more effective?

- [35:37] - Where can people get the hip protector?

- [36:36] - The biggest takeaways from today's episode 


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