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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Aug 31, 2021

Rishma Walji is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, She is also a life strategist, emotion hacker, and joy seeker. She had a thriving clinical practice for over 20 years, focusing on hormone health and fertility. After working and teaching in academia, she now uses her experience and tools to create and cultivate a...

Aug 26, 2021

“Keep exploring to find out what [breathing technique] resonates with you, but also works with you and your own physiology.”

-Robin G. Eisen, MS, PT


Robin G. Eisen has been a physical therapist for over 48 years, is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and has studied numerous modalities including EFT Tapping....

Aug 18, 2021

"Each and every one of you is powerful. You have the power to heal yourself, to feel better, and forgive, even if you think you don't." -Christi Clemons Hoffman


Christi Clemons Hoffman is an internationally-known medium and owner of Radiate Wellness. Christi helps clients get to the source of physical and emotional...

Aug 11, 2021

"Balance is the key to happiness, and the gut has lots of involvement with happiness too." -Shanais Pelka


Shanais Pelka is the Research and Development Manager for Organifi and founder of Seven Springs Organic Farm. She is an herbalist, nutritionist, health educator, and mother of three. She is passionate about food,...

Aug 3, 2021

With any decision, ask yourself ‘does it feel heavy or does it feel light’- any time you go light, you always go right.”


Heather Aardema is the founder of School of Living Lighter. She is a health and wellness coach, expert in behavior change, declutterer, and aspiring minimalist. Heather guides her...