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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Jan 30, 2024

When discussing Osteoporosis treatment, your physician will most likely prescribe some medications. With the different drugs out there, how do you know which one to take? Is it safe if you have other medical conditions? What are the long-term side effects? Which is a better brand? And the list goes on.


Today, I have...

Jan 23, 2024

Having healthy bones is something you must not take for granted. Bones support your body and aid in your balance and movement. So, how do you optimize your bone health?


Minerals are incorporated into our bones during childhood and adolescence. But once we reach 30, our bone density has reached its peak. And as we age,...

Jan 16, 2024

When you receive news about your health, especially when it's a serious diagnosis like Osteoporosis, you sometimes feel as if everything is spinning. Then, you realize that life will be different moving forward.


Having been diagnosed with a life-altering illness will affect every aspect of your life. You may feel...

Jan 9, 2024

During childhood and early adulthood, our bones develop their strength, but as we age, our bones lose calcium, causing bone thinning. A solution to that issue is embracing a bone-friendly diet and lifestyle to strengthen our bones or minimize age-related bone loss.


However, the best diet to prevent osteoporosis is...

Jan 2, 2024

Osteoporosis is a common chronic disease, especially for people aged 50 and up. It is a silent disease, meaning it often has no symptoms. 


If you have osteoporosis, you are more likely to fracture or break a bone if you fall over. Everyone’s bones become weaker as they age, but this process happens too quickly in...