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Happy Bones, Happy Life

Sep 14, 2021

“If you can brew tea, you can brew kombucha. It’s really that simple.”


Hannah Crum, aka “The Kombucha Mamma,” pioneered Kombucha Kamp, an educational workshop, in 2004 out of her small Los Angeles kitchen. Along with husband Alex LaGory, they created the top educational site with a mission to “change the world, one gut at a time,” by providing quality information, cultures and customer support. Through Kombucha Kamp’s videos, blog posts, online support communities, and award-winning Amazon Best Seller, “The Big Book of Kombucha,” they serve as mentors and the leading experts in Kombucha to millions of Kombucha lovers from all corners of the earth. 


A popular speaker about Kombucha, fermentation and bacteriosapiens, Hannah frequently tours and can be found speaking at corporate and health conferences, fermentation festivals and events throughout the US and abroad. As an extension of Hannah and Alex’s mission, they also co-founded Kombucha Brewers International in 2014 to unite and advocate for the commercial Kombucha bottling industry worldwide. In this talk, Hannah enlightens us on the benefits of Kombucha to improve both our bone and overall health. Stay tuned for this informative interview.






[04:02] The difference between store-bought and homemade kombucha

[11:33] What actually is kombucha- and why is it so healthy for us?

[16:21] Getting started with kombucha +Hannah’s “electrifying” first experience 

[29:30] Different ways to add fermented foods to your diet

[33:29] When probiotics go wrong: keeping an eye out for bacterial diversity